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Friday, 8 November 2013

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - Hyde Park

This November Hyde Park will host the traditional London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. The car race is run on the first Sunday of November every year and has been running for several decades now. For a car to qualify it must have been built before 1905. The race starts from London’s Hyde Park and finishes 60 miles later at the sea front Brighton.
If you want to watch these spectacular cars at their best then you want to be their early. Many visitors for the race will be travelling down the night before. If you are participating in the races or coming to watch the start as a spectator supporting the great world of motoring sports then why not come early and make a full weekend of it?
The Leonard Hotel is ideally situated walking distance from Hyde Park. You will be able to enjoy the whole weekend in London, relaxing in a luxury boutique hotel, take in the sights, before taking a short walk to the engineering magnificent of the motor car.
This year will be the first time in 117 years of the run that there will be points awarded and a competitive element will be introduced.
For many of the vehicles just being able to get from start to finish is a reward in itself, however this year there will points and awarded.
So if you want to ensure that you are there when we make history in the motoring world then make sure you stay in a hotel near Hyde Park. You don’t want to be late and miss the start of the race.
Ideally you want to be able to stroll out of bed have a fabulous breakfast before having a short walk, where you can marvel at the fine classic cars, the Léon Bollée, Duryea and the Panhard & Levassor before they start.

For more information or to find our out availability contact The Leonard Hotel now. 

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