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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A boutique hotel is so much more than just a bed.

When you stay at a boutique hotel, it not just a good bed and a big room you want, it’s all about the detail. The small things that help make your stay special. The little chocolate on your pillow, the small toiletry cases in the bathroom and the little notes by the telephone.
The Food:
Here at the Leonard Hotel we have a fabulous restaurant, Seymour’s. The first class restaurant offers the best dining experience, quality food prepared and made fresh for you on the day. The restaurant offers a wide range of food and will cater to your dietary requirements. You will be seated in a beautiful atmosphere amongst beautiful artwork and surrounding that would make the dining experience that bit more special. The food is exquisitely presented and will not disappoint your taste buds.
The Staff:
The staff at The Leonard Hotel are there to ensure your stay at the boutique hotel is everything you expected and more. If you prefer to have your meal in your room simply call reception and they can take your order and ensure you still have everything you require. If you need transport to take you to the theatre, call reception and transport can be arranged. Whatever it is you require - from extra towels and a taxi to a pair of tights and nappies, out friendly staff are here to help and will always try to go above and beyond your expectations.
The Atmosphere:
Many hotels try and give you everything, but miss the most important thing - the atmosphere. You could stay in a palace, but if it feels cold and unwelcoming, you won’t stay where again. Everyone knows that a good quality boutique hotel will have a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere. The Leonard Hotel makes the extra effort to ensure your stay is somewhere you don’t feel cautious but comfortable, somewhere you won’t stress but instead you relax, a place that has that feeling of “Wow! That was perfect”.
For more information on what our boutique hotel has to offer contact us now.

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