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Thursday, 7 March 2013

For character business meeting rooms London excels

For business meeting rooms London has long been a preferred location although there has been a tendency to take the default option of impersonal chain hotels. With an ever changing market place and competitive playing field, smaller hotels are now taking on these larger players. One of the many ways in which hotel owners do this is by offering businesses a bespoke service.

Hotels, especially exclusive, boutique hotels, have character on their side. They comfortably host clients from every conceivable background including romantic couples seeking solitude and peace and corporate clients looking for a functional yet impressive space. For those seeking family accommodation London will also provide some superb options. However, is it possible for a single hotel to cater to such diverse needs?

Larger hotel chains tend to do so by wiping the slate clean and going for a minimal, clean and practical look. But this offers no personality. The chances are that any event hosted at the hotel will not be memorable or impressive.

For anyone seeking business meeting rooms London hotels with a boutique cachet can deliver the requisite accommodation but with a twist. By developing a micro-branding campaign, a smaller hotel can create meeting facilities that are centred on providing benefits rather than merely services.

Many meetings are held in order to collaborate and develop new ideas. Low tables together with access to snacks and drinks in open fridges can help to engender an atmosphere of free speech.

Another option in the context of business meeting rooms London hotels can provide is a monthly or even annual membership opportunity which is available to clients. This could include a certain level of food and drink as well as access to A/V equipment and the ability to tailor the room to some degree.

Certain areas of London are likely to attract specific types of client. Hotels near Hyde Park, for example, may attract a cosmopolitan bunch, whilst hotels in the East End or north of the City may prefer a more creative space. By understanding the needs of the clients, boutique hotels can offer more than just an L shaped table and filter coffee: they can attract clients again and again by creating a memorable space, perfectly adapted for its function.

To learn more about how we have created a memorable experience for our business clients, please contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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